VEGG austin

plant based personal chef



on a small family dairy farm in the village of Quincy, Michigan. Growing up on a farm, we always had fresh milk, a freezer full of beef and a small garden, but the majority of our diet was based on convenience – highly processed coming from a box, bottle, or can.

After college I moved to Los Angeles, where my world opened! It was there that I became increasingly interested in health food culture and the environmental movement.

I discovered farmers’ markets, learned the importance of buying organic, and began eating and cooking more whole “living” foods. In conjunction, I watched thought-provoking food documentaries that inspired me to make lifestyle changes that decreased my ecological footprint and improved my health. The documentary film that ignited real dietary change was Vegucated, a film that uncovered the hidden side of animal agriculture and factory farms – from that day forward my plant-based journey began.

I transitioned to a plant-centric diet gradually until the bulk of my diet was from non-processed whole foods. Cooking with whole foods has caused my palate to change, and to my surprise processed foods I used to love no longer taste the way I remember them. I am now able to “hear” my body, and appreciate a connection between the foods I eat and the way I feel.

My love of cooking and desire to learn led me to enroll in the professional chef program at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts where I trained in vegan, vegetarian, Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, raw living foods and gluten-free cuisines.

I believe we truly are what we eat, and going back to basics with plant-based, whole foods is where it’s at!

I live in Austin, Texas with my hubby, Pat, and pup Gizmo.